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Pro HTML5 Programming, Second Edition

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I’d like to thank my wife, Vittoria, for her love and patience, and my talented sons, Sean and Rocky—reach for the stars, boys!

Thanks to my parents, Herman and Elisabeth, my sister, Alice, and my brother, David, for always believing in me, and to my late grandmother Gebbechien whose courageous acts during the Nazi occupation of Holland were a great lesson to our family.

To my coauthors, the never-tiring Brian and the code-generating human Frank, it has been an honor to work with both of you.

Thanks also to Clay at Apress for all your support, and, finally, thanks to Jonas and John at Kaazing for pushing us to write a “real” book—an “unofficial e-book” would still be just a figment of our imagination, I am sure!

—Peter Lubbers

To my parents, Ken and Patty Albers, I offer my deepest love and appreciation for the sacrifices you made to bring me so many opportunities. Without your encouragement and the values you instilled in me, I would never have completed this or any other major life journey. You’ve been guiding me every step of the way.

To John, my deepest thanks for your patience every time that extra hour of work stretched to two, three, or more. You amaze and inspire me.

To Pitch, Bonnie, and Penelope, a scritch on the chin and a promise that dinner won’t be so late any more. To the cats who came before, your purrs stay with me.

To my coworkers at Kaazing, much appreciation for the chance to work with the best and the brightest.

And a special thanks to the editorial staff at Apress for first believing that the time was right for an HTML5 book and then for having patience with us while we attempted to document a rapidly moving target.

—Brian Albers

I’d like to thank my parents, Mary and Sabri, who are responsible for my existence and without whom this book would literally not be possible.

—Frank Salim